Reviews & Testimonials

“I have been teaching child safety classes for nearly ten years, and this is the first children’s book I’ve seen that really addresses the issues in a way that kids can understand and that doesn’t seem scary or heavy-handed.  Jill has taken the difficult subject of sexual abuse and uses child-friendly language and concepts to get her message across.   It’s been an excellent addition to my children’s presentations and I’d recommend that every classroom and children’s library make this book available.  It’s an invaluable tool in the fight to keep our children safe.” - Pattie Fitzgerald, Founder, Safely Ever After, Inc.,

 "This story Jill shares is so brave. By speaking honestly to children she conveys her true respect for them. Her book does not shy away from the toughest parts of discussing abuse, yet manages to be gentle and caring. She demonstrates by example that nothing is so bad that it must be kept a secret. This message will allow parents and caregivers to protect children from the horrors of abuse."
Sue Downey, Vice President, National Assocation for Nanny Care,

 "My Body Belongs To Me, is a crucial tool for parents, children and advocate groups. Unfortunately, studies show 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will be molested and many will carry the debilitating results of such action into their adult lives.  This book is a must for children and parents worldwide. Thank you to Jill, for her courage, perseverance and dedication to our children."
Kim Michele Richardson, Author, The Unbreakable Child,

 "As host of Babies and Moms: Birth and Beyond, I review dozens of books for parents and children.  Very rarely do I find a book that is as important as My Body Belongs to Me.  It respectfully and tastefully discusses a topic that parents and children have a hard time discussing.  Heaven forbid our children become victims of child sexual abuse.  No matter how protective you are, your child may become a victim. This book empowers your child to know that it is not their fault and how to tell mom and dad.”
Nancy Cadjan, President, and Podcast Host - Babies and Moms: Birth and Beyond,

"Jill Starishevsky has been a child advocate for years.  My Body Belongs to Me is a safe and loving way for children to learn about this delicate topic.  This book gives parents everywhere the tools to help PREVENT the unthinkable from happening to their child."
Jessica Denay, Founder, Hot Moms Club, and Author of the Hot Moms Handbook series

"Finally, a way to start the conversation - the absence of which has left so many children and adults deeply scarred." Britt Michaelian, Founder and CEO, Responsible Family Company, and best-selling author of Secrets of a Safety Goddess

"I absolutely loved this book.  It is written miraculously for children, in terms that they can understand and it is the perfect starting point for conversation."
Holly Ord, Founder of Woman Tribune,

 “I applaud Jill for taking action in an area that she saw a need and helping to equip us as parents to educate our children.  I read this book with Hunter and found that it lead comfortably into talking about this subject in a way that might have been more difficult to do otherwise.”
Heather Ledeboer, Founder of Mom4Life,

“Sexual abuse. It’s probably one of the last subjects we want to discuss with our children—or even think about ourselves—but experts say that it’s essential to teach our children that certain parts of their body are private. Jill Starishevsky has written a book to help parents bring up the delicate subject of sexual abuse with their children.  I highly recommend it.”

Susan  Heim, Parenting author and "Chicken Soup for the Soul" editor,


"My wife and I loved the book and think it fills a critical gap in the Children's Book Industry."
Lance Dillard, Founder, Popular Baby Products,